Dear person(s) thinking about working with us. The truth is that all you want to know is what we do, how we do it and what the deal is, preferably without oodles of marketing flavoured blurb. So, without further ado, here is what we do, how we do it, the deal and a little bit about the why.

We help our clients to visualise their highly desirable future and then work out the ‘how’
We meet virtually with clients monthly to provide accountability and support on the important to do list.
We provide hot-line support for those moments when it’s all kicking off and support is needed at that moment, in real time, often about managing other people’s reactions, sometimes about managing oneself.
From Mortgage free dreams to monthly team meetings, mothers-in-law to major business restructure, the ability to gain insights through thinking and apply these revelations in daily life is what leads to transformations whether personal, entrepreneurial, corporate or beyond.
We work on a personal 1:1 level with individuals, small business owners and executives in bigger machines to bring about speedy transformation. Our sessions can be directed towards personal dreams and ambitions, business related challenges or a mixture of the two.


We apply a wealth of proven creative thinking techniques to get over, around and through the obstacles facing you.
We ensure that actions arising from our sessions are achievable in the real world.
We hold you accountable to making your own dreams come true no matter what they are.
We teach you valuable thinking techniques and strategies that you can repeatedly apply to yourself and others.
We virtually meet our clients monthly for between 1.5 and 3 hours either on a predetermined challenge or on a rolling progression of sessions leading to a desired point.
We are available for further support throughout the month on an ‘as needed’ basis to deal with business flashpoints, unexpected news or urgent opportunities!


We enjoy the (seemingly) impossible! And we love seeing others grow beyond their wildest dreams.

Our approach underpinned our successful consultancy which operated in the corporate world for over 15 years. During that time, we trained and accredited hundreds of individuals and applied our techniques to thousands more in order to bring about real and lasting transformation, high levels of engagement and to achieve the seemingly impossible. We stepped back from large scale transformations in 2018 and after a period of personal travel and adventure, now work with highly motivated individuals both on a personal and business level to deliver their desired future, faster. We currently work with a collection of owner-run businesses including a small vineyard in France, a Franchised Financial Services Company, an Accredited Water Services Company and an exciting media start-up. We also work with individuals at the very beginning of their next big thing, extricating themselves from a life they no longer wish to take part in and supporting them in an exciting transformation towards the future they really want. Our aim is to be inspiring, effective, fun and affordable.

The Deal:

Individuals/personal: £200pm for a min 3 months. This includes set up of monthly session by call or email, 1.5-to-2-hour session per month with basic report on process and outcomes delivered within 5 working days. Additional support hours charged at £60per hour up to a maximum of 5 hours. All materials provided.

Businesses/organisations: £300 per month for a min of 3 months. This includes a monthly provisional call to check in on the current situation and changes from previous sessions, an online session of 2-3 hours with a basic report on process and outcomes delivered within 5 working days. Additional support charged at £80 per hour up to 10 hours. All materials provided.

Trial session 1 hour– to book email Try us on for size, get to know us and our approach before you commit. £50 payable on booking.

New book coming spring 2024!