Monecosse is your expertise in all things human that touch, bump into and impact your business. We do not place walls around your business but see it as part of your life in the widest sense. From frustration to elation we will be there to get your thought marbles in a row, manage your energy beans and make sure that owning and running a business remains fun whilst reaching and surpassing your dreams.

From managing reaction in individuals to developing your own people to truly become the living ethos of your business, we feel like part of you through our monthly check ins followed by a thinking space just for you that is sacred, written in stone but flexible to the last second in what it achieves to propel you forwards in your business adventure.

For our clients, some have achieved the (once) seemingly impossible because they had the time, space and expertise to think and then to act confidently. Some just love the accountability that is created between us meaning that the super-duper important isn’t lost, month on month, under a pile of fire fighting activities. Some clients just need a secure, confidential place to off load or explore their own insecurities about being ‘the boss’. For some its important to learn how they can get their family onside in their adventure or perhaps re-balance the work/life seesaw.

To book a chat over a coffee (because that’s how we roll) online or where possible face to face, go to ‘contact us page’ or email us on